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At Gilbeys Landscaping, we work with you to build a successful business relationship and make sure you get the most out of our services. Communication and involvement are key, so feel free to let us know how we can accommodate your needs.

Landscape Maintenance: Services


Keep your grass looking amazing throughout the growing season. At Gilbeys we strive to have the best stripes and the cleanest edges!


We know it can be hard keeping your landscape up-kept throughout the year. We offer monthly and quarterly maintenance options where we use multiple tactics to keep your hedges sharp and beds rid of weeds.


All plants grow and some begin to look unsightly and crowded. Plants that are over grown can attract pests and create competition in your landscape as plants battle for sunlight and nutrients. Keeping them trimmed and pruned is an easy way to help your landscape stay healthy.


Does your landscape seem empty, or do you want more colors in your landscape? An easy way to fix this is simply planting some new plants and trees. We have a wide range of plants and trees to choose from and our staff can even ensure you make the right choices for your area.


As winter rolls out and the warm air blows in, we spend more time outside and notice that harsh winter left our mulch gadded and the landscape bare and full of weeds and debris. Allow Gilbeys to lay down fresh mulch and get rid of all the debris the winter left behind. Be proud of your landscape.


When the fall air arrives, the days get shorter, and the leaves begin to cover the yard, don't wait too long to get rid of them. Leaves can leave behind disease such as leaf mold that effects grass growth. Gilbeys has the equipment to clear your property and haul away the leaves.


After a summer of mows your soil will become compacted and develop a layer of thatch (dead grass clippings) around the bass of the grass. Both of these things make it hard for grass roots to revive the nutrients they need to stay green and healthy. Aerations will loosen soil and dethatching will remove that unwanted thatch and to top it off with some seed to help thicken your lawn in the spring.

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